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Part of any organized business includes a standard set of tasks that must be completed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  To make the job of management easier, it is a best business practice to have an established list of tasks per department and all the way down to the position level.  As part of our Client Services implementation process, we ensure that those daily, weekly and monthly tasks are taught to each department to effectively manage their DockMaster or RVMaster system.

Unfortunately there is often turn-over in businesses and sometimes those daily, weekly and monthly tasks are not passed down to new employees, thus breaking down systems meant to keep your business running at its most efficient level.  In this blog post we are going to review some of the most important daily tasks for the departments in your business.

Bad habits lead to bad decisions

The most important thing that needs to be completed every day is the recording of any and all sales.  This includes all work orders, parts sales, marina reservation transactions, sold major units, everything!  While this sounds logical, many employees find themselves at the end of the day with a promise they will “close those work orders tomorrow” or “post that deal before it is payroll time”.  This, of course is a radically dangerous habit.  

Not posting sales as they happen can lead to inaccurate reporting and forecasting, skewed trends, and most importantly it can cause a backup of work that can affect other departments and positions.  If your staff is not posting major unit inventory deals as customers take delivery, not only are the sales amounts on the Profit and Loss statement inaccurate, the Balance Sheet is also misstated in Accounts Receivable and Payable, and Inventory.  It is difficult to measure whether or not you are on track to meet your budget and goals if not all of the transactions have been posted on time.  

The Most Important Daily Tasks for your Business

How much cash do you have in the bank

One of the most important things going through the mind of any marine business owner is “how much money is in the bank?”  It determines the entire operational health of a business and is the determining factor in the ability to buy more inventory, new equipment, satisfy the monthly expenses of the business, EVERYTHING.  

Understanding how much money is in the bank today and computing a projection of upcoming income and expenses is one of the most important daily tasks of the accounting office.  Having a report that is not too time consuming to compile (since it should be done on a daily basis) and easy to read is essential in the daily communication between the accounting office and the ownership of the business.

A healthy accounting office will implement a tracking system of incoming cash and has a strict policy on reconciling and depositing money on a timely schedule.  Ensuring all cash is being posted on a daily basis is also a good check and balance to ensure those work orders are being closed and deals are also being posted on a daily basis.  

What goes hand in hand with cash? Inventory!

Since sales transactions are happening every day and cash is being deposited every day, then your on hand inventory is also being reduced every day.  It is impossible to make any money, if you don’t have anything to sell.  

When it comes to inventory, there is big picture information that is important to owners.  Balances on floorplan lines and overall dollars of major unit inventory are key performance indicators that help an owner take measurement of the health of their balance sheet.

There are also the details of inventory levels that are important.  How old is the inventory?  What is the turn rate?  Are you out of, or low on the best selling items of the season?  A daily analysis of inventory on hand will help any manager ensure the cash investment of inventory is being spent on the items most likely to sell quickly.  This is true for both the sales departments and parts and service departments.  Again this is an area where having easy to produce, and easy to read reporting is essential for departmental managers and business owners when making daily inventory decisions.

Standard weekly and monthly tasks

In upcoming posts we will review tasks that are also important to be completed on a weekly and monthly schedule.  Feel free to suggest in the comments section below any ideas or processes you use to keep a smooth running business.


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