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Launch into the Post-PC Era

My evolution as an iPad newbie to feeling comfortable with the platform was a bit rocky. But now it has become an important business tool for me. Think the iPad is just a fad? Apple has reported sales of over 40M units to date at a base price of $495. I think the better question is whether the iPad can truly become a business platform. Continue reading

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Happy employees make for happy customers

We all want happy customers. If customers aren’t happy it doesn’t only affect your company’s bank account, but it saps the morale of you and your team. Who wants to come to work to be yelled at by yet another … Continue reading

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What employees want

There is a lot of buzz today about entrepreneurs and start-ups. The twenty something programmers who are trying to create the next Facebook while living off of Ramen noodles and Red Bull are getting plenty of press. Successful entrepreneurs are … Continue reading

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