Monthly Archives: January 2011

Social Media ROI – Metrics and Measurement Tips for Social Media Campaigns

This is a video presentation on a social media strategy, metrics and measurement techniques to gauge social media effectiveness including case studies and real world examples. Continue reading

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Are you running the right race?

There are interesting parallels between horse racing and business. In this analogy, the jockey is “you”. The horse is the product or service that you market. The other horses and their jockey’s are the products, services and people that you compete with at various levels. The race is your chosen market. Are you running the Preakness or the Kentucky Derby, where the stakes are high and so is the competition? You can have the fastest horse in the field and the other horses may be weak, but if the race is a back woods venue with limited stakes is it really worth the effort? Continue reading

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Our focus in 2011

We believe that focusing on “Customer Service” far outweighs trying to leapfrog competitors with features and flashy ads. Referrals are the life blood of our business and at the end of the day we must “keep our promises” and deliver exemplary customer service to continue to grow. Continue reading

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